La Rance Tidal Barrage

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The Rance tidal barrage stretches across the Rance Estuary upstream of St. Malo in Brittany. The barrage was completed in 1967 and generates 544 GWh electricity per annum. In addition, the barrage carries a dual carriageway road and shortened the distance between St. Malo and Dinard from 45 km to 10 km. Access for shipping is provided by locks and a swing bridge on the west bank of the estuary.

The two views below are from French postcards and show a general view of the estuary and a view of the barrage itself from the east bank of the river.

Rance Estuary
Rance Estuary.
The Sluices are on the right and the turbines in the centre with the lock on the far left

The Rance Barrage
The sluices are in the foreground, the turbines are under the dam in the centre beyond the section of wall. The block shaped building on the far bank is the power station.

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