If you use materials other than the course texts or study guides in your TMAs it is essential that you reference them. In doing this you acknowledge the source of your materials and also protect yourself against plagiarism. Even if you have only used The course texts, it is good practice to reference these, especially in the answers to the long answer (Part B) questions. Additionally, references will be essential in the project, so it is a good idea to get into the habit early of referencing your work.

Referencing should be done by following one of the major conventions. There are two main referencing conventions, Referencing by name (Commonly known as the Harvard system) and referencing by number. The Harvard system is the method used in the course text books. You may use whichever you prefer, but you should be consistent and stick to one within a document, not mix them, though you may try different systems in different TMAs.

The list below links to documents on each of the main referencing systems.