Walker - Chapman Connections

The Chapmans are an old Whitby family who have lived there for many generations. There is an extensive archive on the Chapmans in the Whitby Museum. From our point of view, the interesting connections are from Abel Chapman who was born in 1693. He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Walker of Whitby, who is described in the archives in the Whitby museum as a master mariner. Elizabeth Walker's brothers were Henry and John Walker who are best known for their connection with Captain James Cook. There is a plaque on the lighthouse at the old entrance to Whitby harbour which has the names of Abel Chapman and Henry Walker on it as trustees of Whitby harbour.

Abel Chapman's great granddaughter, Elizabeth married James Walker, son of Richard Walker and Hannah Eden. Their granddaughter, Sarah Melanie Walker married Francis Gerald Walker, grandson of James Walker's brother, Richard. Francis Gerald and Sarah Melanie Walker were my grandparents, thus I am descended from two of the sons of James Walker and Hannah Eden.

The chart below shows the various Walker - Chapman connections. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Walker - Chapman connections

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Plaque on Lighthouse on the south side of the old entrance to Whitby Harbour. Abel Chapman and Henry Walker are mentioned

Plaque on Whitby harbour lighthouse

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